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The most commonly used deep groove ball bearing in motor

date:2020/12/7 9:28:23

In the field of industrial motors, the use of deep groove ball bearings accounts for more than 70% of the total use of bearings. In terms of the quantity used, the proportion will be larger. Therefore, if the electrical engineer is familiar with the deep groove ball bearing, he can understand the application of the motor bearing to a great extent.

Characteristics of deep groove ball bearing

01. The bearing capacity of radial load is weaker than that of roller bearing

The bearing capacity of deep groove ball bearing is smaller than that of roller bearing, but it is enough for general industrial motors. Usually, for the working condition of the external pulley with equal external load, the load capacity may not meet the requirements, so the cylindrical roller bearing can be selected.

02. The internal friction of bearing is relatively small and the heating is small

There is a point contact between the rolling element and the raceway, and the inner heating of the bearing is relatively small. If it is a bearing with a seal, the friction heat of the seal should be considered during operation.

03. High speed bearing capacity

The inner rolling element of deep groove ball bearing is ball. Compared with roller bearing, the mass of rolling element is relatively small and the centrifugal force is small when rotating at high speed. The commonly used stamping rigid cage and nylon cage have better strength, so the mechanical limit speed capacity of deep groove ball bearing is relatively high. Due to the relatively high relative hot groove speed of the ball bearing, there is also less heating capacity.

04. Simple bearing arrangement

Deep groove ball bearing can bear both axial load and radial load. Therefore, this kind of bearing can be used as locating end bearing or non locating end bearing.

05. It is simple to use and convenient to store and transport

Deep groove ball bearing is usually an integral bearing structure, so the installation, storage and transportation of the bearing is more simple than the split type bearing.

06. Simple maintenance

Generally, deep groove ball bearings are open type, with dust cover and seal, which greatly simplifies the workload of bearing supplementary lubrication and has the characteristics of simple operation.

Limitation of deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing has its own limitations because of its body structure characteristics

1. Anti eccentricity capability

The general deep groove ball bearing has very limited eccentric adjustment ability, which is generally within the range of less than 10 arc minutes. The eccentric capacity is brought by its own structure and clearance, and is not reserved for application conditions. Therefore, electrical engineers are not advised to use this eccentricity capability.

2. Damage in bearing installation

The inner part of deep groove ball bearing is point contact, so it is very easy to be injured during installation. Therefore, when the motor bearing is installed, it is necessary to avoid the raceway damage caused by the installation force through the rolling element.

3. Temperature limit

Generally, the stable temperature of heat treatment dimension of deep groove ball bearing without special instructions is 120 ℃. Therefore, the deep groove ball bearing is not suitable for operation above this temperature.

At the same time, the temperature limit of lubricant, cage and seal should be considered when selecting high temperature deep groove ball bearing. (please refer to the related articles in the company)

4. Application under vibration condition

Deep groove ball bearing is easy to cause damage to raceway and rolling element under vibration condition, so deep groove bearing will meet certain challenges under vibration condition.